Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most popular customer relationship management platforms and it has been around for close to two decades. It deals with managing the business relationships with all your customers, clients and sales prospects, intending to drive sales growth.

With our Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions, businesses make decisions quickly and efficiently. Our team comprises highly trained, certified professionals with years of experience working with large companies for Microsoft CRM development. We have worked in many different industries such as healthcare, higher education, nonprofits and government entities.

  • Providing great customer service
  • Increasing productivity and reducing costs
  • Getting better results from marketing campaigns
  • Increasing your ROI
  • Making your business more efficient and effective
  • Creatively adapt to changing markets quickly

We have experience building custom applications for Dynamics CRM to extend its functionality. Our CRM development company can help your business in many ways, including:

Why Choose Our CRM Development Company?

MS Dynamics CRM is an all-in-one solution for managing your business relationships. It is a multi-lingual, multi-currency customer relationship management solution that helps businesses create long-lasting relationships throughout the customer life cycle. It helps in delivering an enhanced customer experience and accelerating the sales process.

With our Microsoft CRM development, you can manage the leads, integrate social media channels, forecast sales, automate marketing campaigns, and analyze customer interactions.

Our Dynamics CRM services provide an excellent range of options for managing your business. Following are four reasons to consider our services:

  • You Want More Control over Your Business

Our Dynamics CRM services help you manage every aspect of your business, from selling and marketing to customer service and support. Being able to keep track of all aspects of your business gives you more control over your company's success.

  • You Want to Work with the Best

We offer one of the most reliable CRM solutions on the market today. Our services are used by various businesses, including Fortune 500 companies and organizations that manage some of the largest consumer databases in the world.

  • You Want Customized Solutions to Fit Your Needs

We offer customizable Dynamics CRM solutions that you can use as-is or have customized to fit your needs more closely. This means that you get exactly what you need without paying for features you won't use.

  • You Get Complete Support for Your Business

From installation and training to ongoing management, we offer complete support for our customers.

Our Dynamics CRM Solutions

We provide the best, time-tested and proven Dynamics CRM services that have been implemented successfully for hundreds of companies in Israel. This is done by our trained, certified and experienced experts who have prior knowledge of the programs. We have worked with various companies from different industries in Tel Aviv and various parts of Israel, irrespective of their sizes, and helped them grow their business rapidly.

With that in mind, we can add value by offering our clients services based on our experience and expertise through our Dynamics CRM services.

Custom CRM Development

Whether you need help implementing Dynamics 365, migrating from legacy systems, or customizing your existing CRM implementation, we can customize the platform to fit your needs.

CRM Implementation

Since we have worked with hundreds of companies for implementing Dynamics CRM, we can quickly develop, design and implement the platform as a part of your business operations.

CRM Integration

We can integrate Dynamics CRM with other Microsoft products like Outlook, Excel, Word, but also with business intelligence solutions like Power BI and analytics platforms like Azure ML.

Task-Specific Configuration

We personalize the platform to handle tasks like advanced case management, knowledge base, interactive dashboards and real-time service level agreement (SLA) tracking.

Our Microsoft CRM Development Solutions across Industries


Dynamics CRM for Healthcare

Dynamics CRM is used by many healthcare organizations to manage their patients, schedule appointments, and provide better care. It can also manage the billing and inventory of medical equipment.


Dynamics CRM for Banking

With Dynamics CRM, you can have an in-depth look into customer data and create targeted marketing campaigns to maximize profitability. You can also track your customers' accounts and monitor the performance of your sales teams.


Dynamics CRM for Manufacturing

By using MS Dynamics CRM, manufacturing companies can manage their inventories, forecast sales and customer demand, and develop a solid marketing strategy to boost sales. The service also helps them manage leads and opportunities, which will result in increased revenues.


Dynamics CRM for Retail

With Dynamics CRM for retailers, you can analyze customer data from multiple channels such as online stores, mobile apps, physical stores, social media platforms etc., to provide consistent customer experience across all channels


Dynamics CRM for Marketing

Our Microsoft CRM development helps in increasing productivity by monitoring customer interactions, generating leads, managing pipelines, and closing deals. We also set up the CRM for email marketing, event management, segmentation, campaign management and marketing automation.

Want to hire our CRM development company? Reach out to our team today to discuss your business needs.

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