Aegis is one of the top data engineering consulting firms in Israel. We have been offering big data engineering services to organizations across industries like banking and finance, insurance, travel & hospitality, retail & eCommerce, manufacturing, logistics & transportation, healthcare and others.

  • Implement advanced real-time data processing and data management solutions
  • Supervise the data quality checks and conduct database optimization
  • Build dashboards, reports, and forecasts based on the available data
  • Create pipelines to provide access to real-time information
  • Develop data systems that can process information reliably, quickly and at low costs
  • Help maintain your company’s data infrastructure

Our data engineering company has experts well-versed with the current trends in the industry and is adept at using new technologies to solve your business problems.

Why Do You Need Data Engineering Solutions?

Data is the fuel that drives an organization’s success and output. But it needs to be harnessed, processed and delivered on time to ensure that it works its magic. This is where our data engineering company comes into the picture.

Our data engineering consulting services help organizations build a strong data foundation for your organization that allows you to make better business decisions, create new revenue streams, and enter new markets.

  • Efficient Data Collection

The huge amount of data generated from various sources has to be channelized properly to be leveraged for multiple purposes at different times in time. The right kind of data engineering solutions can efficiently help you achieve this goal.

  • Improve Decision Making

Data engineering solutions help businesses store data in a manner that can be retrieved when needed without any delay or glitches. It is essential for accurate analysis of the business activities, leading to better business decisions.

  • Handle Huge Data Volumes

Data engineering services are essential for creating systems that can move large amounts of information from different sources into a single system to be analyzed to gain strategic insights about the business.

  • Custom-Made Solutions

Data engineers specialize in designing, building, testing and maintaining reliable and high-performance database systems that store critical company information like customer profiles, financial records and marketing trends, among other things.

Our Big Data Engineering Services

Using data engineering, businesses can convert raw data into valuable information so they can make better business decisions. The end goal of data engineering is to generate actionable insights. We create processes and systems through our big data engineering services to gather, store, manage and analyze data.

When offering data engineering consulting services, we employ the latest technologies and methodologies to help you in your journey towards becoming a truly data-driven enterprise. We provide a wide array of data engineering services to help businesses get the most out of their data.

Real-time Data Processing

We can process data in real-time, so you have it when you need it by collecting the customer data from different avenues and analyzing it in real-time.

Data Quality Checks

We make certain that all your data is clean, accurate and reliable and that your business has the right data that’s being used for the same purpose.

Data Optimization

We make sure all your data is stored efficiently and effectively so your organization can easily use it when needed with integration into one central database.

Advanced Analytics

We have expertise in solving complex problems using advanced analytics such as machine learning algorithms, deep learning nets and other AI-based solutions to support your business objectives.

Why Choose Our Data Engineering Company?


Experienced Data Firm in Israel

Aegis is one of the top data engineering consulting firms that has been operating in Israel since 2010. We leverage our expertise to make your product competitive by providing you with cutting-edge technologies in data engineering.


Full-Cycle Engineering

We provide our clients with a full-cycle solution, including analyzing business needs, building an infrastructure, integrating third-party sources, performing ETL processes, developing a custom data warehouse, and implementing advanced analytics tools.


Iterative Development

We understand that every company has its own business needs and challenges. Therefore we customize our development approach for every customer individually. To provide the best solution for you we use agile methodology and iterative development workflow.


Smart Data Solutions

We understand that you need more than just a simple database to collect, store and retrieve information from it. That is why we devise smart solutions to help you make better decisions based on that information.


Customized Data Applications Notebook

Our team of experts has the skills and experience to build complex applications for real-time data processing, advanced analytics and other similar solutions that will help you take your business to the next level.


High Technical Expertise-learn

Our team possesses both technical expertise and analytical thinking to make any project successful. Our experts have extensive knowledge of programming languages like Java and Python, databases like Oracle and MySQL, and cloud technologies like Amazon Web Services.

Reach out to us now to know more about our data engineering consulting services.

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